Notes on mining machines as the ship moved from hot to cold area
Notes on mining machines as the ship moved from hot to cold area Notes on mining machines as the ship moved from hot to cold area

Characteristics of the ship is usually operate in different weather regions, the seasons are not the same and this move does have a huge impact on the technical condition of machinery and equipment. Some ship operators do not pay adequate attention to this issue should the unfortunate incident happened. To ensure the normal operation mode of the equipment, we need to note that adjusting the appropriate parameters, especially when roaming ship activities from hot weather to cold weather. Here are some recommendations of foreign managers on this issue:

1 - BEFORE GOING IN COLD WEATHER (temperatures below 0 degrees) NOTES:
- Meeting units to outline methods of dealing the ship into the cold weather.
- Note-check of heating fuel, LO and water cooling machine.
- Is it possible to run more generators to provide adequate power for devices running more.
- Keep the fluids (oil, water) is always circulating in the pipes to prevent freezing.
- Maintain steam fans always rotated in the appropriate system.
- Some other necessary pumps can maintaining moderate power run.
- The motor must be turned on in heating mode-drying fit.
- Moderate suction valve to adjust to always circulating the fluid in the system to avoid clogged by ice.
- The butterfly wind chamber to match, can turn off the fan to prevent heat loss to the equipment.
- Take a chimney to note closed (not running) to prevent snow from falling into the chimney.
- Special attention must open the valve slightly dryer before entering the cold sea (usually actions performed before 48 hours).
- The heating circuit for the machine: generator trouble, fire pump problems, nose propeller chamber (if any) ... must be opened.
- The pump is ready (can be run as needed-prepared) must note cards to avoid running mistaken the pump unprepared, broken pipes, damaged equipment ...
- Load full of anti-freeze (if the vessels equipped) with the cavity insulation.
- Replacement of distilled water for canoeing student.
- Drain pipe fire system, sprinkler tanks, oil water separator, the water valve.
- For heating oil tanks online, safe village.
- Safe fuel boilers must pass the full boiler and heating to ensure burning mode always ready to provide steam for the ship.
- The hoisting winch motor, anchor, winch drive, water cooling system ... can be maintained to run-level at a moderate level to avoid ice rules.
- A number of hydraulic equipment should be maintained warm so as not to freeze hydraulic lubricants boot.
- The outdoor equipment should be shielded to avoid deep freeze - more density on the device as the boot device.
2 - when the train is running in the cold NOTES:
- The machine should remain running at capacity (89-90% if possible).
- Prevention of oil generated in the form of wax (in crates for permanent oil and pump fire incident).
- Maintain continuous flush dirty toilet water discharge system.
- Strengthen smelly objects.
- Make sure the vent is not frozen: The hair oil balat, water, ventilation chamber in the boiler room ....
- Check the status appropriate to adjust the temperature of the cold chamber and their operational status (to adjust the fit by cooling the drain valve in cryogenic - Do not adjust the valve on the welding - will break the upper tube welding - a lack of cooling water).
- The refinery DO; FO; LO (te air circulation) should be run continuously.
Above are some ideas for us to consider when mining machinery and equipment in cold climates. Directors and officers machines very timely note to adjust when roaming operation of the ship, to ensure safe operation and economic - to minimize incidents. There are many ways to reduce unnecessary trouble, but the first measures to be concerned with are: Must have previous response plans in an active, discuss techniques to find the optimal scheme for the whole the crew members involved is very important.
Nguyen Huu Truc - Machine Head H1 - Deputy Director. VMTC
(Compiled from foreign material)

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