Shipping Joint Stock Company Vietnam - typical enterprise Hai Phong City in 2010
Shipping Joint Stock Company Vietnam - typical enterprise Hai Phong City in 2010

On 18/5/2011, the Board Emulation and Commendation Hai Phong City held a ceremony emulation implementation Conclusion No. 02-KL-Central Politburo of the socio-economic situation in 2011 , Resolution No. 11/NQ-CP of the Government on the measures to curb inflation, stabilize the macro-economy, ensuring social security, the implementation of the City's actions in 2011.

At the launching ceremony, the shipping company shares Vietnam Competition Council commended City Enterprise selected as one of eight of the city's Year 2010. Bui Viet Hoai, General Director of the company was honored as one of the eight directors of the typical business of the City in 2010.

In the context of 2010 is still a very difficult year for the shipping industry, the Council for Emulation and Commendation the city voted VOSCO as a typical enterprise in eight cities in 2010 can show the encouragement and acknowledge the collective efforts of the staff, officers and crew in the company complete its business targets in 2010, contributing to the stability and development of the city. Compared to the targets adopted at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in 2010, the main targets are reached, in which the total revenue of 2905 billion, over 20% of the plan; profit before tax was 134.16 billion, exceeding 25% higher than planned; paid 53 billion state budget.

As large enterprises based in the city, next to the completion of production targets, business, philanthropy, society has become a focus business culture of VOSCO. In 2010, the company continued to promote traditional solidarity and actively participate in the work of charity, poverty, gratitude, support the victims of floods ... the total amount involved social activities, charity work is 700 million.

In 2011, the difficulties and challenges for the shipping business still not pass but VOSCO will continue efforts to promote all the advantages, proposing measures to overcome difficulties to continue business efficiency, ensuring stability and sustainable development, worthy of the title "Enterprise typical Hai Phong City."

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